Psychic clutter

Watched a couple of episodes of the Marie Kondo show. It’s very…unmisanthropic. It values people obliquely, via care for their material habitus, and without doing the Queer Eye thing of linking self-esteem to making rich-person consumer choices.

Queer Eye’s pedagogy of self-love involves spending a tonne of money on people to show them what being someone worth spending a tonne of money on might look like. And it’s genuinely reparative — that treatment unsurprisingly really uplifts people — but it’s a bit…fantasyland.

Anyway, I like the lowkey spirituality of spaces and objects, which is really a way of recognising the role they play in people’s psychic self-organisation. Kondo’s house-greeting ritual is deeply loving towards the people who live in those houses.

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2019-01-19 20:20:00